Teething and Camilia*

Disclaimer: results may vary…..

I was amazed how fast the Camilia for teething pain worked for our daughter, she was really struggling with her teeth coming through, and almost as soon as we gave her a dropper she was fine again. My friend didn’t believe it was a homoeopathic remedy because it worked so well!



Note from Dr. Penny: This information is given for mothers suffering from the emotional pain of hearing their baby crying from physical pain, and from the lack of sleep that can also affect the whole family, as well as for the baby who is suffering such pain. These can all usually be remedied quickly and cheaply, without having to visit a naturopathic physician. Camelia is an over-the-counter remedy, made by Boiron, that is available in most health food stores. The remedy “teething” made by Hylands Homeopathy, is another option. In my experience, either of these will work extremely fast in well over 90% of cases. When you discover how good they are, please spread the word! If they do not work for your baby or are not strong enough to last long, I am happy to help you find a more specific remedy for your individual baby’s needs.



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