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Pandemic Patient Protection

Before Leaving Home for Your Appointment Please:

Read over the COVID screening questionnaire on my website, to check that you are cleared to come for your appointment.

Please come alone when possible. If the patient is a child accompanied by a parent, please do not bring siblings as I can no longer use the waiting room as a place for them to play.


I ask you to kindly arrive and leave promptly, to help me stay on schedule with serving my patients and cleaning between each. 

I will do my best to be punctual, and I ask your indulgence if I am a few minutes late due to sanitiziing.

If You Like to Drink Water during your visit, bringing your own water bottle is very helpful. If you don’t have a water bottle I have compostable cups and a water bottle I can pour from available on request. Water is no longer on the desk to help yourself to.

When You Arrive Outside the Clinic Please:

Wait in your car until I call you on your cell phone or come out and wave to you to come in.

Confirm that you have looked over the COVID screening questionnaire on my website, and have self-assessed as safe, before you enter.

If you use a scented hand sanitiser, please do not use it before coming into my clinic. I have a scent-free hand sanitiser in a touch-free dispenser that you are welcome to use on entering, before leaving and any time you wish to during your visit. Because many of my patients are sensitive to scents, I appreciate your cooperation with keeping my clinic scent-free.

On Entering the Clinic Please:

Take off your shoes

Wash or sanitise your hands

Allow me to take your temperature with a touch-free thermometer

You are welcome to a mask if you would like one.

In My Clinic Room:

I will enter the room first so I don’t have to pass you to get to my desk

There is a plastic chair for you to put your belongings on

Please do not touch anything that you do not need to touch

Our chairs are 6 feet apart, so we are social distancing while talking about your health concerns. I will wear a visor or mask at this time you prefer.

When I need to come close to you to examine you or your take your blood pressure, I will put on a mask or visor. When we start testing I will wash or sanitise my hands again and put a glove on the hand(s) I will be testing you with, and wear a mask.

At The End of Your Appointment:

Please remain in the clinic room while I prepare your supplements, remedies and paper work

I will call you out into the waiting room when it is time to pay

I will keep my mask on during this time

Payment methods:

If you pay by card, I have sanitised plastic sticks with which to press the card machine screen and number buttons, so you don’t need to touch the machine.

If you wish to pay by etransfer, the email address to use is on your invoices. It does not require a security question.

I prefer not to take cheques or cash at this time, but individual arrangements can be made.

Sanitizing Between Patients:

All surfaces that have been touched, sat on, or had someones personal belongings on are sanitised between each patient

Picking Up Supplements And Remedies Between Visits:

Because I have changed the way I supply supplements and remedies picked-up between visits, when I call you to let your know that your products have arrived, I ask you to let me know what day you are planning on coming and picking them up. Pick ups are available Monday to Saturday inclusive. Please give me at least a days notice of your intended pickup day whenever possible, as I no longer have an assistant, so I may not be able to respond to same-day requests.

It is helpful if you can give me precise information regarding any supplement refills requested i.e. supplement name and size and manufacturers name, or the name of the homeopathic remedy and any numbers and letters that may follow the name.

Thank you for your help in keeping us all as safe as we reasonably can.