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I have had migraine headaches for years and have taken a variety of medications to cope. The medications would help to some degree with the pain, but none would help with the ‘hang over’ effects. Hang over effects are the next day fatigue and mental sluggishness.

Then I met Dr Penny Seth-Smith who found a homeopathic remedy that works astonishingly well not only for the pain of the migraine, but also the ‘hang over’ effects. I can take it with an aura or, if there is no aura, I can take it any time I feel the migraine pain. (An aura is a visual obscurity, which generally happens before a migraine, warning me one is on the way. For me, my vision becomes blurred, like I’m looking through cut glass.)

Within 5 minutes, the pain is gone and, by the end of the day, I have forgotten I even had a headache.
This homeopathic remedy quite literally gave me my life back.

Thanks Dr. Penny!
Beth, Registered Nurse


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Chronic Kidney Disease, Reduced Kidney Function*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

I have been a patient of Dr. Penny Seth-Smith since March, 2009. I came to her because kidneys were not functioning well. The medical profession was unable to offer any useful solution or advice except to send me to a Kidney Care Clinic seminar. There was nothing else my doctor would do to help my kidney function improve. I was very concerned.

Over the next several months, Dr. Penny prescribed remedies to clean my kidneys. She also looked into why they were functioning below normal, which assisted treatment.

In February, 2011 my kidney function had been restored to an acceptable level!! My doctor sees this as inexplicable and remarkable while Dr. Penny knows the true story and worked hard to see this positive result.

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Penny Seth-Smith to others.



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Insomnia at menopause*


Disclaimer: results may vary….

I was one of the lucky women to experience early menopause and the joy of insomnia.  I did not believe in taking sleeping pills and after not sleeping for many months, I wasn’t in very good shape.  A friend told me she went to visit a new Naturopath and that this doctor had helped her to start sleeping better.  She had seen Dr. Penny Seth-Smith.  At my appointment Dr Penny and I discussed what was happening in my life and through her muscle testing it was determined what would help me.  I left that day with products to help deal with menopause and to help me sleep.  

The homeopathic remedy that I started to use to relieve the sleep problem required only one dose but I very quickly started to have better sleeps. Unfortunately this remedy my body choose was canceled out if I came into contact with anything that had mint in it.  If this happened, I would simply take one dose (one pellet) and I would again sleep through the night.  It’s really quite amazing.  Sleep is so important and Dr. Penny helped me get through a rough time.  

I really appreciate her expertise and her warm, compassionate personality.  Thank you Dr. Penny, you help to make our world a nicer place to be in. 




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Hypothyroidism from stress*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

I had been running full-out for most of the 15 years I’ve been running my own business. Then, I had a huge five-month-long project with a stressful deadline, in addition to work. By the end, even after a rest to recoup my energy, I found I couldn’t get out of second gear. Dr. Penny sent me for thyroid blood tests which showed that my TSH (the usual thyroid test) was excellent because my free T4 was high. However, my free T3 was in a sad state, and T3 is the main hormone that gives you energy. Apparently I’m a “poor converter” of T4 to T3.

Because of this discovery I was prescribed and started taking desiccated thyroid, along with naturopathic supplements to help me convert my T4 to T3. Since then I have found that not only do I have more energy, but I am also more relaxed and I sleep better! Because my TSH was fine, an MD wouldn’t have checked my T3 and T4. And most MDS just prescribe a synthetic kind of T4, but I already had more than enough T4. If it weren’t for natural thyroid support from naturopathic doctors who can now prescribe, I’d still be on the couch instead of back at my life!!


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Homeopathic treatment of cholera

The following is a passage from the memoirs of the Urmstan family (1750-1998) (Dr. Penny’s great grandparents) about their experience with homeopathic medicine upon their return from India to Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.

“Our home life thus began under the best auspice. We found Tunbridge Wells a most enjoyable and bracing place, and under a kind and experienced Homeopathic Doctor (Walker) I soon shook off the Indian fever and dyspepsia and began once more to enjoy life and all the surroundings.

Numerous friends of my sister’s called upon us and we much appreciated hearing on Sundays two such excellent preachers as Cannon Hoare and Revd. Charles Ridgeway.

Our little ones revelled in the rocks on the Common, and soon got over the ill effects of the sea and land journies from India.

Our time in fact passed only too quickly. By June my wife was quite strong again [after giving birth to a baby boy shortly before], and at the earnest suggestion of her parents and her sister Augusta, we all went over to Boulogne for July and part of August. I never took a great fancy to this French seaside place, and we had a good cause to dislike it from this time for the Cholera broke out and hundreds of visitors fled back to England.

We were not much alarmed, having in India seen and heard so much of Cholera – so we did not hurry to get away, but when our lease of two months was up we returned to Tunbridge Wells – the baby becoming seriously ill as soon as we got to Clarence House – in fact her illness began almost before we left Boulogne. The Doctor called it a kind of Choleraic attack, probably contracted in France. She grew worse and worse and on the 3rd September was so alarmingly ill that I called my friend up, Dr. Walker, the Homeopathic, as the regular Allopathic Doctor had said he could do nothing for her and practically gave her up. Dr. Walker soon arrived and under God’s blessing brought her round. He admitted that she was very far gone when he first saw her, and could scarcely feel her pulse, but from within an hour of his coming and prescribing a drop of [a homeopathic remedy], she began to open her eyes, and in forty-eight hours was quite a different child.”



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Genital Herpes*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

I have suffered for several years from genital herpes.  I had painful breakouts almost every month that lasted a week or more.  According to the experts at the STD clinic at the Vancouver General Hospital, the drug Acyclovir was my only treatment option, but it did nothing to reduce frequency of outbreaks and caused terrible headaches.  Within two months of starting treatment with Dr. Penny my herpes symptoms almost disappeared.  In the past year I have had only three small outbreaks and they cleared up in a couple of days.  I’m so happy and so is my husband! Thanks so much Dr. Penny!



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GERD, Reflux, Heartburn*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

For 12 years, I suffered from GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease), commonly known as acid reflux. This is a painful condition in which the acid in the stomach makes its way up into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation and a lot of inflammation. On top of this, I live with gluten intolerance, known as Celiac disease. While sorting through both to regain my health, I was in constant pain. I longed for my favourite foods and to be happy again. I suffered from severe anxiety when it came to food, the combination of being afraid to eat and allergies (to wheat, dairy, soy, yeast and various other things) resulted in horrible daily pain.

I went to my GP and tried a number of Western treatments all with failed results. Fed up with the lack of results, I decided it was time to visit Dr. Penny. During our visit, she very quickly identified a natural remedy to treat GERD and my Celiac condition. Within 6 weeks, I was feeling better. By 4 months, I was healed.



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* Disclaimer: results may vary….

Penny clearly taught me about the processes that were happening in my body, and helped me transition to better health.




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Fever from rat excreta*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

About 15 years back, while doing some repair work in an attic, I felt myself growing faint and sweaty. My boss came up the hatch to check on my progress and shone a work light in my area, revealing that I had been working in a virtual sea of rat droppings for hours. “Get out of there, now!” he said.

On the drive home I felt like bugs were crawling up my spine and my fever worsened. Within an hour of arriving at home I was shaking uncontrollably and slipping in and out of delirium. I was poisoned. My wife called Dr. Penny who did an extensive interview over the phone, identifying the exact nature of my symptoms.

She prescribed a homeopathic remedy, which was promptly delivered to my home.

The effects were immediate and profound; within minutes of taking the remedy I went from “I think I’m gonna die” to “I feel a bit poorly”. I made a full recovery and our family became that day devoted both to homeopathic medicine and Dr. Penny Seth-Smith.

More than a competent physician, Dr. Penny is a teacher and a guide who has had a profound effect on our family’s health education, giving us a sense of sovereignty and confidence in our health management over the past fifteen years. Our three children have grown up clear-eyed and strong and beyond the odd cold, we’ve all enjoyed robust health since adopting a holistic model of health.

Dr. Penny represents for us an ideal as physician: competent, compassionate, humorous and wise. It is not hyperbole for me to say that she has changed our lives for the better.

Sincerely, Daniel Kempling


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Dr Penny’s care*

* Disclaimer: results may vary….

I feel I need to express my deep gratitude for your care. I am so reliant on your expertise and willingness to supply me with high-potency remedies that have again saved my life through another winter. Please know I never take you for granted.

Patricia Foley


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