Neck pain and stiffness due to arthritis*

* Disclaimer: Results may vary….

I was experiencing pain, tingling and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands that intensified for over a year before I was X-rayed and diagnosed with minor arthritis in my three cervical vertebrae. The medical opinion was this was “normal deterioration”. My discomfort was labelled as out of proportion, and my doctor offered me anti-inflammatory drugs.

Instead, I sought Dr. Penny’s advice. She started me on a homeopathic remedy. Relief was almost immediate! Within three days, the pain, stiffness and burning sensation were gone. Over the next four years, I continued with the same treatment. The time between doses of the remedy kept increasing until I only needed a dose or two every few months. For over a year, I haven’t experienced any of those symptoms, or needed to take the remedy.

I have been one of Dr. Penny’s patients for over five years and primarily use homeopathy to treat mine and my child’s chronic and acute health issues. I constantly use naturopathic and homeopathic treatments to help reduce and manage the symptoms I have experienced while living with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD ), environmental sensitivities, and irritable bowel disorder. There are no allopathic treatments for these conditions other than pharmaceutical drugs. I have found homeopathics to be the most immediate, effective and non-invasive treatment.

As I continue to take responsibility for and actively engage in the process of my healing and well-being, I am profoundly grateful for the naturopathic care Dr. Penny provides to me and my family. I find Dr. Penny’s approach compassionate and sensitive, as well as soundly based on her deep and exact knowledge of the entire range of treatments she prescribes.

Suzanne Gladders


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