Mononucleosis – Epstein Barr Virus*


Disclaimer: Results may vary….

After my daughters grade 12 graduation, she mentioned that she had a sore throat and felt very tired.  I treated her symptoms thinking it was just a common cold but after a few days when she wasn’t feeling any better, I decided to take her the MediCentre.   A couple of days later, we were informed she had contracted Mono.

The GP’s prescription was to rest but also stating there was nothing else to help her recover.  I quickly made an appointment for my daughter and I to visit Dr. Penny Seth-Smith.   In Dr. Penny’s office, she asked my daughter many questions and then started muscle testing to see which remedies my daughter’s body required to fight this virus.  Dr. Penny was also able to muscle test the vitamins which I took along to the visit to determine which ones were beneficial and the required dosages per day.

When we left her office that day I had no idea that my daughter was going to start improving so quickly.  After 4 days of following Dr. Penny’s recovery plan, my daughter had life in her again.  She was feeling good, with her normal energy level and was back to doing everything in her life like usual.

From my understanding the recovery time when someone contracts mono is weeks to months, but with Dr. Penny’s counsel, my daughter was back to normal so much quicker than anyone expected.

It was amazing!


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