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For New Patients

You can choose to use naturopathic medicine at any time: no referral is necessary.

Simply call Dr. Penny on (250) 361-9888 for an appointment time, and either print the Health Questionnaire directly from this website, leave your e-mail address for Dr. Penny to email it to you or, if neither of these is possible, leave your mailing address for Dr. Penny to mail it to you. Fill the form in and bring it with you to your first appointment. Please see Map and Directions on the contact details page, for how to get to my clinic.

Please bring with you copies of any recent test results and reports from tests or specialists, especially ones the that relate to the health concern you would like me to help you address.

This first appointment lasts 1ΒΌ hour. You should schedule an hour and a half for the visit plus the time needed to complete making payment and arranging the next appointment.

It may then be advisable to return soon after for some specific testing in order to get a well-rounded treatment protocol started, depending on your condition and needs.

After that, follow-up visit are generally thirty to fifty minutes long and four to six weeks apart. The number of treatments may vary at times, depending on the treatments used, how severe your condition is and how fast results are expected.

Supplements and remedies recommended for you are often directed at a certain set of symptoms or health imbalance, therefore they are taken over a period of weeks of months, rather than ongoing for life.

Can I use naturopathic treatment in addition to, or instead of, standard medical treatment?

Because Naturopathic Physicians are trained in standard western diagnosis they can offer an integrative medical approach, working with any diagnosis from your M.D. or specialist. You can choose to use a natural treatment plan that will not interfere with, and will usually complement, any treatment you are already using. For many health concerns you can choose to use only natural treatments to address your diagnosis, depending on the severity of your situation. Dr. Penny is happy to discuss this with you.

Many people use Naturopathic medicine because the standard treatments cause unpleasant side-effects for them, and others find that the Western medical system has helped them to some degree, but has reached the limits of what it can offer, and they want to find out what additional benefits natural treatments can offer.

Because Naturopathic Physicians are trained to treat the person rather than the disease, it is not necessary to have a diagnosis from an M.D. or specialist for your Naturopathic Doctor to be able to help your health concerns. Indeed many patients see Naturopathic Doctors because they do not have a standard diagnosis despite having had all tests available through the Western medical system, and despite their suffering from symptoms which may vary from minor to debilitating.