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Certifications in additional Services: writing prescriptions, and heavy metal detox using oral medications rather than intra-venous treatments.

Offering these certified services requires additional post-graduate training and ongoing continuing education regulated by the College of Naturoapthic Physicians of British Columbia 

Prescription medications

In some cases Dr. Penny offers desiccated thyroid and/or sustained release T3 thyroid hormone in addition to or instead of synthetic thyroid hormone. Also the bio-identical female hormones (estrogens and progesterone). These may be prescribed when appropriate as part of the overview of treating you as a whole. 

You can also get refills for a wide variety of your other prescriptions medications during your naturopathic visit if appropriate.

Oral Chelation: Heavy Metal Detoxification

Many of us have unknown heavy metal burdens acquired from a history of mercury amalgam fillings, leaded gasoline and paints, aluminum from cookware and other environmental sources. Heavy metals are known to be passed on from our mothers as we develop, and can be handed down several generations. For those who are needle-shy I offer heavy metal detoxification by taking pills, after initially testing for your personal heavy metal burden.

Facial mesotherapy used to be, but is no longer a treatment that requires extra training and certification by the naturopathic profession’s governing body. I was certified in the treatment for many years before the requirement for certification was removed.

This naturopathic approach to wrinkle reduction differs from Botox treatments in that it supports your own production of collagen to plump up tissues, postpone wrinkles that are just starting, and soften existing wrinkles. It does not affect facial muscle movements or expressions. Results may vary depending on your facial tissue health and your age. Treatments before the age of 50 last longer.

Scar reduction

The same process can be used to address facial scars such as those from acne. Other natural treatments can help soften scars in other areas of the body that cause discomfort.