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Remedy delivery*

* Disclaimer: results may vary…. Dr. Penny has treated a number of my health concerns. The different types of Naturopathic Medicinal options available are amazing. What’s been even more surprising and beneficial to my health care are the various types … Continue reading

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* Disclaimer: results may vary…. Penny clearly taught me about the processes that were happening in my body, and helped me transition to better health. Leonard    

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Fever from rat excreta*

* Disclaimer: results may vary…. About 15 years back, while doing some repair work in an attic, I felt myself growing faint and sweaty. My boss came up the hatch to check on my progress and shone a work light … Continue reading

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Dr Penny’s care*

* Disclaimer: results may vary…. I feel I need to express my deep gratitude for your care. I am so reliant on your expertise and willingness to supply me with high-potency remedies that have again saved my life through another … Continue reading

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Atrial fibrillation and Homeopathic remedies*

* Disclaimer: results may vary…. Immediately following a triple bypass surgery in October 2008 I suffered with atrial fibrillation. This was successfully treated during my stay in hospital. In the spring of 2010 the symptoms returned although with less severity. … Continue reading

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