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I have had migraine headaches for years and have taken a variety of medications to cope. The medications would help to some degree with the pain, but none would help with the ‘hang over’ effects. Hang over effects are the … Continue reading

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The following is a passage from the memoirs of the Urmstan family (1750-1998) (Dr. Penny’s great grandparents) about their experience with homeopathic medicine upon their return from India to Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Our home life thus began under the … Continue reading

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Fever from rat excreta

About 15 years back, while doing some repair work in an attic, I felt myself growing faint and sweaty. My boss came up the hatch to check on my progress and shone a work light in my area, revealing that … Continue reading

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Bladder infection, Cystitis

I had all the classic symptoms of a bladder infection, and thought I would have to take antibiotics as I had done in the past. I was on the phone to Dr. Penny, and when I mentioned my symptoms she … Continue reading

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